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Do black metal bands think they're cool?
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Icon_eek  Do black metal bands think they're cool?
One thing I've always wondered is if bvlack metal bands think that wearing black leather, chains and corpsepaint is "cool".

I mean, growing up as a teenager I thought it was pretty cool and grimdark.

Pretty soon tho I started thinking it looked really cheesy and thought maybe the bands are being ironic (which is a thought that entered my mind when seeing that pic of Abbas (?) sitting on the toilet with corpsepaint looking "trve"

So fast forward to today when I'm reading the "most popular releases" email and see yet another black metal cover with a a dark forest and some guys in corpsepaint looking catatonic.

Now that black metal has existed for about 30 years, the band imagery isn't really that shocking anymore. And I cant help but think that most other people would agree with me - i.e bands too.

Maybe this really isn't related to black metal at all. I mean, metal and rock bands in general usually wear black clothes and scowling faces in their promotional photos and album booklets. Maybe the whole metal scene is a bit ironic?

And since a few years back, inverted crosses and grimy imagery has been adopted more and more by horrorcore/cloud rap artists like Bones and SuicideBoys which personally I think is both cool and cringy at the same time. mostly cringe tho... I think.
08-29-2016, 10:39 PM
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