Steven Wilson - Vapour Trail Lullaby (Single)

Steven Wilson - Vapour Trail Lullaby (Single)
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Steven Wilson - Vapour Trail Lullaby (Single)
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Tracks / Треклист:
01 - Vapour Trail Lullaby (09:18)


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One track CD single given away free with pre-orders of the Insurgentes documentary DVD.


“This song was written and demoed for Porcupine Tree prior to the band recording “In Absentia”, a prolific period of writing that resulted in perhaps the best pool of songs that the band has been able to draw from for a studio album to date. But as that album developed in a heavier direction, the song didn’t really fit in stylistically, so was dropped quite early on and never recorded by the band. Two years later it was included instead on the first Blackfield album under the title ‘Lullaby’. The Blackfield interpretation worked really well but took the song in a very different direction, stripping it down to just voice, piano and strings, so I took the opportunity to revisit the full arrangement of the song during sessions for my first solo album “Insurgentes”. This time the song went a lot further down the road (you can see me playing it in the film during the piano recording session at St Bartholomew’s church in Brighton), but once again it didn’t fit in with my more experimental ideas for the album (in many respects it just sounded too much like Porcupine Tree) so I never finished it, although I did adapt the coda section into the short instrumental album track ‘Twilight Coda’.
Even though the new version was much more fully realised, I find I still prefer the original demo version from 2001, so that is the one I have decided to include here. Still, it’s another part of the “Insurgentes” story, which saw around 30 songs, both old and new, and in many different styles, considered”  – Steven Wilson, October 2010

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