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Sex: Male
Location: Antigo, WI
Bio: Hey, I'm usually quite terrible with introductions but bare with me. I like to take long walks on the beach (now to be serious) my interests lie mainly within music composition, website/programming/game development (as well as gaming.. Probably more gaming than 'actual' game development lately..), and last but definitely not least, just into music in general. To narrow it down, the metal genre. People always say "Metal!? Like that band Avenged Sevenfold!? Rob Zombie!?" If you would have asked me around 10 years ago I may have said yes to at least the Rob Zombie aspect of it, but I focus on genres that are intertwined with Extreme Metal. Doom metal, Black metal, DSBM, Death, Brutal Death, Slam, Funeral Doom, Gore/Grindcore, and probably around a few hundred more adjectives in this extensive genre. There's honestly genres for every emotion you could ever feel, it's pretty crazy how different this music really is, and the talent that goes into it. Thanks for reading, definitely a hell of a lot longer than I initiated wanted to write, but you guys get this gist of it.