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Error 500 [downloading] - darkio - 07-11-2013

NOTE: not the same error as the one talked about in the Russian forum; this is for downloading/viewing my own profile, not uploading torrents!

This is all I get when clicking Download Torrent or viewing my profile:

Note this has no associated database error unlike the one in the Russian board, this is all I get. Wonder what's up? If it's a low rep issue it would help if the error was more descriptive.

RE: Error 500 [downloading] - unidentified - 07-12-2013

same error at
what's wrong with them? or me?

RE: Error 500 [downloading] - Heartless - 07-12-2013

I'm with the same problem, can't download nothing, not even access my profile.

RE: Error 500 [downloading] - Admin - 07-12-2013

That issue should be fixed now.