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Upcoming gigs - CharleyYpres - 07-29-2013

What gigs have you all got coming up?
Last week I saw Wintersun in Bristol.
Upcoming I have:
16/09/2013 - Nile & Ex Deo - Bogiez, Cardiff
05/10/2013 - Finntroll, Týr & Skálmöld - The Robin 2, Wolverhampton
08/10/2013 - Turisas (hoping for excellent supports!) - The Fleece, Bristol
15/11/2013 - Amon Amarth, Carcass & Bleed from Within - O2 Academy Bristol
20/11/2013 - Motorhead, Saxon & Skew Siskin - Wolverhampton Civic Hall
18/12/2013 - Black Sabbath & Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats - Manchester Arena

RE: Upcoming gigs - metaltrixter313 - 07-30-2013

a local band named kaross in a couple of days! Smile3

but man i would love to see amon amarth, turisas and nile again! they are very good indeed Rofl

RE: Upcoming gigs - Drunk - 07-30-2013

Nothing too exciting besides a Les Claypool show, oh what am I saying, that's always exciting! :V

I might also catch Havok & Warcorpse.

RE: Upcoming gigs - CharleyYpres - 07-30-2013

Sounds excellent Drunk! I'd love to see all of those!
metaltrixter313: I haven't seen Nile before, but they very rarely play anywhere close to where I live. This time they are right on my doorstep so I'd be a fool to miss them! Smile3

RE: Upcoming gigs - metaltrixter313 - 07-30-2013

nile! is kick ass ! you really should see them, and if they are playing on your doorstep why dont you invite them in? :P
but they as i said really good live.

RE: Upcoming gigs - CharleyYpres - 08-07-2013

I could offer them in for a cup of tea, I'm sure they'd appreciate it :P

RE: Upcoming gigs - metaltrixter313 - 08-08-2013

hahah yeah!!

RE: Upcoming gigs - CharleyYpres - 08-09-2013

I just realised how stereotypically British that would be haha!

RE: Upcoming gigs - darkhell26 - 08-12-2013

24 Aug Metallica
11 Oct Chthonic

In Singapore

RE: Upcoming gigs - CharleyYpres - 08-14-2013

Excellent! I love Chthonic, I saw them supporting Turisas a few years ago and they were phenomenal.

I just saw Flotsam and Jetsam announce some UK dates with Hirax and Nervosa, I will be at the Wolverhampton date on October 29th!