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RE: Metal culture in your area - water_nymph - 09-30-2013

i am the only person in my area who listen black metal/atmospheric BM/DSBM. i know only 2 people with the same interests and we are not friends anymore.
there are two bands worth mentioning but they split up, unfortunately, amazing summer festival has been canceled for this year, some local metal band moved out of my town....... pretty lame.
conclusion: metal culture is bad here, at least in my genre.

RE: Metal culture in your area - Blackjack89 - 09-30-2013

(08-22-2013, 01:25 PM)Vesheljinn Писал(а): Well, in Belgrade the scene is not half bad, although it's widely disliked among the non-metalheads. There are some core/nu scenesters but they form bands rarely and are usually talked into listening ''trve'' elite stuff, elitism all the way. I'm in a band myself and there is a sweet studio which records your full rehearsal (2 hours) for only 500 RSD (arround 5 €) so self-releasing demos and gaining publicity through friends isn't hard.
But recording albums in a recording studio is quite expensive so not many have that privilege. Making gigs on the other side is easy enough for kids like us since the clubs/bars are very supportive.
There are some excellent festivals in Serbia and the ex-Yugoslavian countries (Metal Days in Tolmin, Slovenia had a sick setlist this year) and the gigs in bigger clubs are not rare (e.g. Immolation, Marduk, Sinister, Hypocrisy). And also there's the Belgrade arena where Slayer came two months ago, which was remarkable.

Hi! I think your area is a best of for big many cases better than Germany....!Hoping for next darkness rising festival \m/

RE: Metal culture in your area - devoured666 - 10-06-2013

Green Bay, Wi, USA - The scene here seems somewhat strong, though I think the fact that I am part of it somewhat distorts my view of things. There are a good deal of metal bands if you look for them, and even more extreme stuff can be found. People seem to react to my band with a lot of energy, which is encouraging. On the other side of things, however, you have popular culture and all of the shit that comes with it. As is typical, you will find more cover bands and mainstream bands around, but that is not to say that the scene is not strong here. We try to do a lot of networking via the internet to get people to support local bands. The bars seem to be supportive and it is not difficult to find a metal show on a Friday or Saturday night. We are close to Milwaukee. There used to be a large Metalfest held there annually. Considering all of this, I do have a positive view of the scene in this area. I think that the internet will continue to allow groups to pave paths and open areas and communities that is difficult to do networking on the streets. I am excited to see what the future brings.

RE: Metal culture in your area - thegoodsaregood - 10-07-2013

Here in Georgia and my nearest major city is Atlanta. the metal scene here is pretty damn big, if you happen to be a scene core lover............. yeah, im on my own. we have shows all the time here, Cannibal Corpse, Dark Funeral, Vital Remains, going to see Watain very soon, i can tell you how amazing it was in advance \m/

RE: Metal culture in your area - Schtirlitz - 10-07-2013

Everybody, who wants to talk:
Schtirlitz-79 that is my skype account. That is great to talk to anybody

RE: Metal culture in your area - netiger - 11-04-2013

(07-30-2013, 05:08 PM)metaltrixter313 Писал(а): well sweden is kinda huge as a whole in metal Music and hard rock, but in my Town it is shit. everywhere i look its pop hip hop or reggae. SHIT. i cant stand hip-hop or reggae. but well there are local bands and i am their every Concert. you must support metal at least shows and such. but i see good potential in metal these Days , their are more bands this year that are forming over here than let's say 2 years ago. so its on the rise. and their are no metal clubs what so ever only in bigger bigger Towns, such as the capital of sweden Stockholm. so its not that good on that here. HORNS UP!

Sweden is pretty much the metal music paradise IMO. The idea of someone listening to reggae or hip-hop in Sweden or Finland is hard to come by in my mind.

RE: Metal culture in your area - ashok90 - 11-05-2013

Here in Malaysia i would say its getting from bad to worse with the whole metalcore scene kicking in. few thrash and black metal bands are given the chance to perform

RE: Metal culture in your area - Sir Smokealot - 11-06-2013

In Austria the Music Szene is very Independent. More and more Stoner, Doom, Psychedelic Stuff comes out here. And the all thime facorite is the good old school Black / Death Metal. We got a lot of realy cool Thrash, Black n Death Stuff. Very much good Solo Artist are on the Run too. And 4 sure the Charts suck like they ever does.
In Vienna are some good Clubs and Locations and very Cheap with much good international Sound. Upper Austria doesn´t have really good Clubs...some good Gigs but no cool Location.
Salzburg Rockz too, there is the Rockhouse, Brix, Schnaitl and one of the best new Areas: MARK Kulturzentrum.
And last but not least we have some good Record Labels. One of the best Examples: Napalm Records!
Austria is very small and so is the Music Szene. If you are connected, you are connected too the whole Austriia Crew wich like the same Stuff you search for.
SO THX, CU, HAPH PHUN m SHARE n ROCK ON FROM DUSK TILL DAWN! If anybody is in Austria 4 a Visit, just give me a PM!
Greetz! Dave

RE: Metal culture in your area - DobertRonohue - 11-07-2013

long island new york. not bad at all just not enough black metal...

RE: Metal culture in your area - justfuuckoff - 11-08-2013

I'm brazilian... First of all sorry about my bad english.
Well, Brazilian metal scene's been the same for more than 20 years, people here don't value our local bands, so, we have been listening to the same bands over and over again... Angra, Shaman and Sepultura are the 3 famous band here, the other bands dont get more than 100 people on the crowd...
Now André Matos is on a solo carrer, doing some sold outs concerts, but he was the singer from Angra, so... Same with Edu Falaschi, that's now in a band called Almah, full concerts but he was another singer from Angra...
Maybe Hibria is doing alright with shows too... Only these bands.
If you're a hard rock fan just like me, forget Brazil, you'll never find a good one after the 2000s...