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Whats with the core hate? - xxBluudLostxx - 08-22-2013

So it seems everywhere I go, I have jerks telling me how deathcore isn't real music, and and how horrible of a genre it is. Since its my favorite genre, I'm very confused on this dislike. Anybody have any insight? (other than saying its generic, cause anything can be generic if too many people try the same shit.)

RE: Whats with the core hate? - 7s1ll4gk4pU - 08-22-2013

Id like culturated argument pliz
There are some bands I happen to like (Winds of Plague, Carnifex)
But these are the main resons probably:
-They look liek faaagooooottts, which is a bit of a problem but not a tremendeous one since Mötley Crüe and WASP too looked like hardcore gays but i love them. Metal should be manly (or womanly you know) in my opinion.
-Most of them are very generic, of course not those who are on the highest places, they have something indeed, but the not so famous bands are sound just like the same. And the bands with more recognition, their songs mostly sound the same to me...
-I cant help but feel that they got their fame for free. Like Pantera struggled 10 years before they got halfway these bands got in just 5 years. Every fan is talking how genredefining bands they are.
-The fans. Yes the fans... No offense, not your look, nothing like that, but the whole attitude. Core fans have absolutley no idea what is Metalhead respect, Metalhead honor, how to mosh, things like that. I tell some of my negative expreiences:
-I was moshing trough the whole Eluviete concert and i needed some water, i felt like i collapse, asked a core fan who had a full and an empty bottle of water for some. Yea what he does? Hands me the empty one. F*ck you too.
-Core fan's drunk friend falls of the bench, thrasher laugh him out. The core guy tell them that they are dicks for laughing, thrashers realize hes right, apologize and ask if they can help. Then core guy start picking them (1 to 5) that he beats the shit out of them. Thrashers not wanting to be thrown out of the fest go away instead. Later the core guy told the secu guy that 10 guy wanted to beat his friend but he fended them off.
-They mosh like retards, absolutley no concern about the others, girls, those who does not want to mosh, those who are on the ground. They run into the pit hitting everyone and then start a fight if they got it back (every 2 minute). Tell you what: Ass drunk thrashers and punks had more brains not to.
-They have absolutley no respect as i have noticed, insulting, shitting with everyone and they think they are a big something.

Core fans gotta learn what metal is. And what respect and honor is. The recognition of the whole genre will get better.
Whats your opinion?

RE: Whats with the core hate? - amidst-tundra - 08-23-2013

Pretty much what he said. Hate seeing core kids at metal gigs (easy to pick out because of their peacocking t-shirts, fringes and flesh tunnels) because they always act like a$$holes in mosh pits (I rarely mosh, but when the mood takes me I expect there to be some respect like in the old days).

They seem to be in a constant circle jerk contest to pigeonhole everything. I don't want some moshcore kid half my age telling me what the greatest death metal bands are when they're listening to bands with 7 word band names with identikit logo t-shirts and have probably been listening to "metal" for six months because their buddies do.

Maybe you're not one of "those" guys but take in a metal gig and see how people act and then go to a deathcore gig, I'll be surprised if you don't see the difference in attitude.

But to me, the very worst thing, is the music is so derivative. Sure there are plenty of copycat black and death metal bands, but honestly I cannot tell one deathcore band from another (although deathcore is nowhere near as derivative as br00tal slamming death metal... whatever the f*** that is.) There's no variation in the riffing unless we're talking more technical bands like Born of Osiris or Job for a Cowboy, it's just all a massive lead to into a breakdown. Which is fine at a gig, but I do not know why anybody would want to listen to an albums worth of it.

Metalcore came before and at least a lot of those bands had their own sound and knew something about songwriting and composition. But it just feels like music is retarding, first there was metalcore a fairly inoffensive (to me) accessible foray into extreme music, then deathcore which is extraordinarily limited in variation but has a few bands able to write music within those parameters and now slamming death metal which is the biggest hunk of sh*t I've ever heard. I'd rather listen to a Darkthrone or Suffocation worship band any day over the current trends.

RE: Whats with the core hate? - Lacrimor - 08-24-2013

It just sounds gay. No offense of course, I just don't think boy bands should be making metal. They look gay too, I never cared for 'glam metal' so there is no way I could like them if they were looking like that. Now if these emo/screamo/core bands were comprised of all women that would be a totally different story. But no, these guys look, act, and sing like girls... i'm sorry it's just so damn fruity. Also metal isn't about "beautiful, soaring vocals" it's about badass music. And yes, it is 'real music' it's just the epitome of 'weak' that I think it is horrible.
No offense to anyone of course, especially since it is the best way to get a girl into metal, and they do have some cool riffs and stuff.

Now I have nothing against gay people, I just don't like hearing a singer that sounds like he's still in high school, the whole point of metal is that it is heavy and badass... and there is nothing heavy and badass about spoiled rich white kids acting like that. Sadly this trend has killed many great new artists like Periphery and Tesseract (luckily some have instrumental versions) but I think it should be an all girl scene that would be pretty cool. Honestly I think it is the labels. You just make more money if you have more fans, and now they've combined the metal scene with the boyband scene to get more female fans, so I just refer it all of that as 'girly metal' and ignore it.

RE: Whats with the core hate? - 7s1ll4gk4pU - 08-24-2013

(08-23-2013, 01:51 PM)amidst-tundra Писал(а): . But it just feels like music is retarding, first there was metalcore a fairly inoffensive (to me) accessible foray into extreme music, then deathcore which is extraordinarily limited in variation but has a few bands able to write music within those parameters and now slamming death metal which is the biggest hunk of sh*t I've ever heard. I'd rather listen to a Darkthrone or Suffocation worship band any day over the current trends.

Well i enjoy slamming death, and core stuff in general but you are right 2 or 3 bands of each can satisfy all my needs for that genre for a century, metal needs more originality cuz these genres are basicly good, but the bands dont even try to improve.
at least slam death's guys are not metrosexuals

RE: Whats with the core hate? - o0mURDER0o - 09-10-2013

its all just elitist faggotry. people are assholes plain and simple, everyone thinks their shit is the best and there's nothing out there. this mentality is what's holding the metal community back from progressing. Although i do agree that most of the younger metal generation does not know proper pit ettiquet but hey gives me an excuse to teach em a lesson

RE: Whats with the core hate? - Svibrager - 10-16-2013

Have not heard one 'deathcore' band that I enjoyed. Pretty much al of it is subpar death metal riffs mixed in with modern hardcore, which is also awful. Musically, there's absolutely nothing beyond watered-down slam. As for atmosphere and themes, - immature attempts at sounding "deep, dark and extreme". Bleh. By the time one good deathcore band appears, no one will care.

RE: Whats with the core hate? - Sorgklaan - 10-16-2013

I'm not a fan of deathcore personally, but I have no idea why people hate on it. I like a lot of music, metal, electronic, hip-hop.

There is no bad genre, there are only elitist douchebags.

RE: Whats with the core hate? - Eurico - 10-16-2013

Dude seriously above all been said that i totally agree,most of core fans dont know anything about metal they just focus on deathcore and think that they artists are the best in the world,i cannt help but say TO ME its kinda of kids scene man,most of the fans are,and of course i hate the breakdowns of deathcore cuz they just stop the song and starts doing the breakdown with no rythm at all most of times to me doesnt even make sense,and lol deathcore fans thinks breakdown is their invention,yeah the shittiest version of it cuz i can recall on some of sepultura songs and other bands that have some incredible ""breakdowns"" without losing the rythm of the song and following the riff. with all been said deathcore does not meet my standards,its shit to me

RE: Whats with the core hate? - Mizukiro - 01-06-2014

I love deathcore too :3

Suicide Silence
and many more.

I just don't get the whole hate stuff.

If you dont like it, dont listen to it. period