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My band could really, *really* use your help! - Selta - 09-11-2013

Hey everyone,
I'm the bass player for Ara'Kus Productions, based out of Seattle, WA. We cadded "Productions" to the end of our name, as our show is truly a unique experience.
When you walk into our shows, you sit down in a theatre - one of the oldest ones in WA state (built around 1900). From there, you are immersed in a complete show. Not only are we on stage performing our original music for you, but as our album is a concept album, we tell and display the whole story right there on stage with lyrics from the music, dialog from actors (who are on stage performing right along side us), fire dancers, aerialists, and knights in full armor with live steel doing combat.
As you may be sitting there saying this sounds like a whole general mashup of sorts, well, it kind of is. Ara'Kus bridges the gap between classical theatre and heavey metal. As this is about our 6th time performing this show, we've got pretty much most of the major kinks worked out. Each show we learn something more, meet the audience afterward as they're exiting and take their feedback so we can improve the show next time.
After our last performance, we got a ton of great feedback from a lot of people. We're really starting to make this a profound show. Everyone from teenagers to elderly show up for our show. We even have international guests attending these performances!

However, this show has been a labor of love. So far each show has been paid for out of our own pockets, and our pockets are starting to become very empty. As you can likely guess, putting a show of this magnitude on is expensive and tiring. We're trying to better our show, pay all the performers, and play for multiple weekends now (traditionally we put one a "one run" show for one weekend, we're trying to double that this show).

This is where you come in. We humbly ask that you donate to us to help us succeed. We entirely understand that a lot of people don't have money to donate - however you can still help by spreading the word. Re-post this link on facebook, google+, twitter or whatever.

We feel that the "rewards" are pretty nice, especially if you plan on coming to the show.

So here's the link to our KickStarter campaign. it only has a couple of days left, so if you can donate and/or spread the word quickly, we would hugely appreciate that!

If you have questions, concerns or whatever, feel free to PM me and I'll answer as quickly as I can.

RE: My band could really, *really* use your help! - Selta - 09-13-2013

Bumping this up. We have something like 40 hours to go and need to raise $8000 more. Any help you, your friends, you friends' friends can help is very much appreciated.

If any of you from M.T. have donated personally, please let me know via PM so I can write you a personalized thank you!