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Searching for similar music - stormcleric - 09-29-2013

Hi there,

I recently discovered TuneGlue ( that claims to be a "find-siimilar-groups" page. I was looking for bands like Sonata Arctica and, well, TuneGlue does not point out as many options as I expected. Most of them are indeed pretty obvious. In fact when performing that search on google I remember reading a forum where I was advised to listen to Circus Maximus (their last album is nice) and that was not one of TG's suggestions.

Another question arose - how can you look for groups that sound like other groups? In the case of Sonata, their last album sounds very different from their first power ones, and since I've been evolving with them, I like it very much. I believe that tools like TG should tell you which albums are similar to other albums - since groups can change styles.

Have you seen a tool like that? Is really working?

RE: Searching for similar music - zzashpaupat - 09-29-2013

RE: Searching for similar music - djswitch - 09-30-2013

though not as good and detailed as

RE: Searching for similar music - uberlulz - 11-12-2013

(09-30-2013, 08:29 PM)djswitch Писал(а): though not as good and detailed as

+ to that. The best thing about that site is the review section for each release, you will often encounter people who list similar bands to the one that the review is meant for (you'll have to sift through the reviews, they are quite lengthy at times). You also have a "similar bands" section, but those are usually bands that you most likely already know. I can't help you in the case of Sonata Arctica, I don't listen to much of their material, but of course you have bands like Stratovarius and Nightwish that are often compared with eachother, but I am sure there are more. Although, listening to Stones Grow her Name now, I hear it's extremely varied. As for my personal recommendation, you can give Scorpions "Humanity: Hour 1" album a shot, it has some tracks similar to the ballad-type tracks that SA did as well as some decent modern metal. (The Future Never Dies) (We Will Rise Again)