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Death metal - italia1a - 10-03-2013

New to this forum, being listening to all forms of metal all my life, my all time favourite death metal album is symbolic by a band called Death, absolute legendary music. To all you russian metal fans, have noticed that this style of music is huge in your country, would like to broaden my listening experience, any of you can recommend any really good metal bands from russia. c u soon, regards angeloYahoo

RE: Death metal - CrazyBones - 10-03-2013

Hieronymus Bosch, Lost Conception, Back Door To Asylum, Vistery, Dehydrated, Thelema

RE: Death metal - micha14 - 11-04-2013

I am new to forum and i know I can't order things like that, body somebody please put the torrent of one of my fav classic dm band Master(1983) their new album the witchhunt just came out, please put that. I can't find it anywhere.