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Video game soundtracks - uberlulz - 11-18-2013

So... anyone remember the RTS C&C series? An amazing library of games, not to mention killer soundtracks, which is what I wanted to post about. Recently playing Red Alert 1 through 3, I noticed a lot of the songs do have a distinct metal feel to them, even though the games have a fair share of "ambient" as well. I was wondering if it would be appropriate to upload these on the site.

I realise that, under the "banned genres" list some of the music does fall under the categories of Ambient and Industrial/Industrial Rock, but also quite a lot of the songs, particularly in Red Alert 3 are straight up metal. I wish to share this collection of songs I have downloaded but I do not no whether it would abide by the uploading rules.

This still brings nostalgia...

RE: Video game soundtracks - latee - 02-17-2014

Thanks. I have another game to play. I will try playing RTS C&C series because I am a fan of MMORPG.