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RE: Brutal Death Metal - addi_86 - 11-07-2017

can someone please tell me what band is on this shirt?

thank you very much in advance.

RE: Brutal Death Metal - ChurchOfDeviance98 - 11-17-2017

(12-09-2013, 01:08 AM)zepar666 Писал(а): what is your favorite Brutal death metal?

mine is - katalepsy, katalepxia, vulvectomy, severe torture, syphilic, pathology, kraanium, wormed, defeated sanity.. \m/ Drinks

Disgorge (USA), Defeated Sanity, Devourment, Deeds of Flesh, Blasphemer, Cinerary, Cenotaph, Devangelic, Relics of Humanity, Unfanthomable Ruination, Inherit Disease

RE: Ожидаемые релизы - Brutal Death Metal - human rejection - 12-04-2017

31 Декабря 2017 Выходит новый альбом группы Cruelest - Mass Atrocity of Mankind
в новом альбоме группы из Индонезии будет 9 песен:

01.Cruelty has Begin (into)

02.Brain of the Crime

03.Kill and kill 02:58

04.Killing Machine

05.Beheaded Damned

06.Hacking, Slice, Hunting


08.Pieces Into Blood

09.Bleeding Screams Injured

Стиль: Brutal Death Metal

Желающим прослушать песню 03.Kill and kill:
[Изображение: 9d90a93fe6fed028e94d78abe32647d6.jpg]

RE: Ожидаемые релизы - Brutal Death Metal - human rejection - 12-07-2017

15 Февраля 2018 готовиться выход сборника - Sutured Bleeding Wounds
в нем участвуют банды играющие в стиле BRUTAL DEATH METAL:
Gastrorrexis & Visceral Decay & Sanguinary Execution & Rotten on Gore & Genetic Aberration
Пять групп сыграют по 4 песни :

01.ROTTEN ON GORE - My Frensy Is Your Suffering

02.ROTTEN ON GORE - Deeds Of Perversion

03.ROTTEN ON GORE - Stench Of Dead Flesh

04.ROTTEN ON GORE - Savered Whore

05.VISCERAL DECAY - Sinister Hymn

06.VISCERAL DECAY - Consumed By An Abomination

07.VISCERAL DECAY - Elemental Procedure Of Annihilation

08.VISCERAL DECAY - Mutilated With A Saw Oxidized (Re-edit)

09.SANGUINARY EXECUTION - Effusive Extermination

10.SANGUINARY EXECUTION - Impaled For Eternity

11.SANGUINARY EXECUTION - Drowning Dying Process

12.SANGUINARY EXECUTION - Exposed Hanged And Burned

13.GASTRORREXIS - Extinction Of Vitality

14.GASTRORREXIS - Descend To Putrescence

15.GASTRORREXIS - Beginning Infestation

16.GASTRORREXIS - Beyond To Purification

17.GENETIC ABERRATION - Insemination Experiment

18.GENETIC ABERRATION - Grotesque Abominations

19.GENETIC ABERRATION - Dripping Secretion

[Изображение: 79c4ef044010394372f78f3589c98b0f.jpg]

RE: Brutal Death Metal - laverneij4 - 08-27-2018

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RE: Brutal Death Metal - rusnazi8814 - 05-14-2019

Cannibal Corpse.