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Лучшие Deathcore группы? - zepar666 - 12-14-2013

Можете ли вы, ребята, предложить мне хорошую Deathcore группу.

Благодаря! Drinks

RE: Лучшие Deathcore группы? - masterstvo - 12-14-2013

Xehanort..A Bloodbath In Boston; Aegaeon; A Memoria Brooded; Acrania; A Trust Unclean; Dweller; Genocide of Prescription; Impurity Of Mriya; Bermuda; Born of Osiris; Immoralist; Infant Annihilator; Impending Doom; Job For A Cowboy; Oceano; Molotov Solution; Suffokate; Substructure; Suicide Silence; The Walking Dead Orchestra; Thy Art Is Murder; Whitechapel; Veil Of Maya; Winds Of Plague; We Butter The Bread With Butter; With Blood Comes Cleansing;

RE: Лучшие Deathcore группы? - Agheres - 12-14-2013

Winds Of Plague очень советую, дэткор с симфоническими элементами.

RE: Лучшие Deathcore группы? - Vlad Tempeh - 01-11-2014

Rose Funeral

RE: Лучшие Deathcore группы? - abbath91 - 01-11-2014

от себя добавлю All Shall Perish и As Blood runs Black

RE: Лучшие Deathcore группы? - asphyxiation - 01-24-2014

Lorna Shore, Black Tongue, Angelmaker, Infant Annihilator, Float Face Down, Inhumanity's Last Breath, Immoralist, Signal The Firing Squad, and some new bands with just a few songs on them I'm really into are Villains, Traitors, and Resentment.