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RE: Interesting opinion - jmol84 - 06-15-2014

I would love spending a day with Stryper. I love them and they're awesome human beings. Also, Oz Fox in an inspiration to me as a guitar player as well as Michael Sweet (I'm a guitar player myself).

RE: Interesting opinion - djswitch - 06-15-2014

I would go with Alestorm. The lads seem to be heavy bingers

RE: Interesting opinion - mistressofdecay - 03-30-2016

I don't think I'd ever spend time with my favorite band. It's just that I'm really socially awkward and I'd rather disappear than spend time with people I admire. In addition there's this thing that makes me feel that, in spite of their job, they're all just people, and I'm not sure I'd like them if I spent time with them. I mean, someone might be a great musician or performer, but other than that, they might be a real piece of shit. Do I want to know that? No. Loving their creations is enough for me.

RE: Interesting opinion - Conflagrant - 07-09-2016

They're not really my favourite band, but I'd like to spend time with the guys from Gloryhammer. They seem like a funny group, considering what all the funny stuff in their last album's lyric book. And also what showed up in their music video.