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Best CD ripper? - methosx - 03-31-2014

Hi, all.

I'm looking to upload some stuff and was wondering what the best ripper out there is. Any suggestions?


RE: Best CD ripper? - GraveOzz - 03-31-2014

Exact Audio Copy. The best in my opinion.

Get it here.

RE: Best CD ripper? - Che - 03-31-2014

i`m using AIMP audio player. there is some utilites like CD ripper, audio converter, tag editor.

RE: Best CD ripper? - angelus_morti - 03-31-2014

Exact Audio Copy with proper settings is the best.

RE: Best CD ripper? - methosx - 04-01-2014

Thanks, I'll check those out!

RE: Best CD ripper? - bruno7283 - 04-01-2014

To use aimp to convert files for mp3 you have to make some changes, see how here: