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your interests - spco_mark - 04-07-2014

What is everybody doing in his spare time?

I like to make some music(mostly electronic, since i can't play guitar Whistle ). I also like to play with electronics like i did in this video

I also like to make animations and of course i like to listen to metal Smile3

RE: your interests - Rox - 04-07-2014

That's cool, you could help me fixing some appliances I recently broke, lol. Just joking.

Well I like to play videogames a lot since I was a kid. I also like sewing (particularly strange dress and accessories) and shooting photos.
I really like watching sci-fi and horror movies too. If we can still call some films horror.

RE: your interests - mikepowell512 - 04-07-2014

I really like to solve problems.

Not the mathematical ones, but those from "real life", like financial, relationship and psychological problems.

Logic4life! Grin

RE: your interests - Starseeker - 04-08-2014

I'm a researcher specialised in world economic history. Also I'm a poet and a member of HotA Crew - modmakers' team for Heroes of Might & Magic III. And I'm keen on philosophy which I consider to be a kind of art.

RE: your interests - Newporg - 04-08-2014

I work a lot.. so the little time i do have left, i either listen to music or go to the gym. .. or drink.

RE: your interests - SweetFairy - 04-15-2014

I love reading.

RE: your interests - wolfsong - 04-17-2014

I enjoy learning new things, as in "studying" but also as in "reading, watching, playing, listening to" stuff.

RE: your interests - Perestroika - 04-18-2014

Same as Newporg I work a lot so time that I 've left , I go jogging 3 x a week and of course with loud Metal Music in my ears Smile3

RE: your interests - foul ole john - 04-18-2014

Reading, reading, drinking good beer, wandering around some ruins and abandoned places (linked with drinking, usually).

[Изображение: 1982111_1438623356383738_688754642_n.jpg]

[Изображение: 1557710_1432245623688178_1386487491_n.jpg]


RE: your interests - pikachu666chaos - 04-18-2014

I like to play music (metal and electronic, but i separate them, I don't like to link metal with electro and vice versa), recently I have been playing some video games and I like to read once in a while to quench my thirst for knowledge ahah.

(04-18-2014, 05:11 PM)foul ole john Писал(а): Reading, reading, drinking good beer, wandering around some ruins and abandoned places (linked with drinking, usually).

Wow! That looks like a really nice place. Where is it??