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Reputation - Faceless041974 - 06-12-2014

How do you increase reputation? I seed all the time and mine never goes up.

RE: Reputation - vintersorg25 - 06-12-2014

As I see your reputation is 997
1. Users keep seeding downloaded content. So for each uploaded Gb you will be awarded with 5 reputation scores. But, even if nobody downloaded anything from you, you will be awarded with 1 reputation score for every 24 hour of seeding.
2. Users add new releases and seed them. For each uploaded active release you will be awarded with 5 reputation scores (for discography/videography - 15 scores). Note that only active releases are counted. If torrent become dead this points will be subtracted until seeder comes back.
3. Users add really interesting content. For each "Thanks" you will be awarded with 1 reputation scores and 2 for "Respect"
4. Users to be involved in forum discussions. For each "+" on forum you will be awarded with 25 reputation scores (-25 if you will receive "-" on forum)
5. Users regularly visit site. So for each month after registration you will be awarded with 10 reputation scores
6. Users respect site rules and be polite with each other. Moderators and Administrator are allowed do remove reputation from user if he/she break site rules, use abuse language.