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I need your help - morbidboy - 10-24-2014

Hi, i was trying to add a torrent of a Moroccan band, everything was flawless till the moment i wanted to select the country, Morocco isn't available in the list of countries, why ? do anybody of you has an explanation, what should i do now ? Mda

and im from Morocco too and i put Brazil in my profile ...Mda

RE: I need your help - deathrashergavo - 10-25-2014

hi metal friends,about your problem,you have to put the country of the band in the description(Where you put the tracklist). For examble take a look here

RE: I need your help - Admin - 10-28-2014

Hi morbidboy,

I added Morocco in the list.

RE: I need your help - morbidboy - 11-01-2014

Thank you sir.

RE: I need your help - Rodakai - 11-01-2014

Please try to add this album from the band The Drift to the metal tracker site :

Here's a video of them in action :

Thanks in advance