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Problems Seeding - Thisguy1234567890 - 01-21-2015

Hello, I am new to this website.
Big metal fan, and I noticed that this place is a fairly badass place to go for metal (Suggesting it to friends, just so you know). As you can see, I haven't seeded anything so far. Sometimes Utorrent will fail to seed, I am not 100% sure why, but this is what it looks like.
[Изображение: 10933270_634315566674066_738590403_n.jpg...69bce22e3e]
Don't get me wrong, I love seeding torrents. In fact, if it isn't messing up- I usually like to seed about 3 times as much as I download
(Depending on what I downloaded). The irony is that this usually happens to smaller files that are under 100 megabytes... But I feel like I wish to contribute to this community as much as possible, SO I request your help on this issue.
Thank you.

RE: Problems Seeding - tears_of_fire - 01-22-2015

I think that these are that kind of misteries that we all have to take and accept as a matter of faith...... I mean...... we all use our computers everyday, right? but, in the end, what really happens there inside of it, it's and remains a mistery...... I'm still sure that there are a lot of little tiny (japan?) elves inside of my PC, that use their magics to make it work (sometimes) or to burn it (the most of times)...... so...... cross your fingers, wait and hope

Grin Laugh1 Smile3

RE: Problems Seeding - hellene8 - 01-22-2015

It doesn't show anything wrong the way i see it. As long as it's active you shouldn't have any problems seeding. How much of the file you upload depends on your connection speed, other seeders and their connection speeds and leechers' connection speeds too. It could be a matter of client and version you use.

RE: Problems Seeding - tears_of_fire - 01-22-2015

and, most important, if there's no one asking for your file (no leechers) you will not seed anything because there's no requests for your seeding...... right??