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RE: HATE! - tears_of_fire - 07-08-2015

ok...... something I surely hate......

I usually awake and get up very early in the morning...... everyday, also on saturday or on sunday or when I'm on holiday I set the alarm clock at the same hour of the rest of the week...... ok...... there is a bird like this......

[Изображение: 84531_piccione.jpg]

that every morning comes to the railing on the balcony outside the window of my bedroom...... it comes 5 minutes before the alarm clock starts to ring...... and this bastard bird begins to make this kind of fucking blow "HU HUUU... HU... HU HUUU... HU... HU HUUU... HU..."

I wish I have a machinegun to destroy it......

[Изображение: blm017386.jpg]

RE: HATE! - Zakkyliar - 07-08-2015

Laugh1Laugh1Laugh1Fucking pigeons, ruining every sleep all around the world. They are very common here and they mess up everything and even worse, shit on you Laugh1

RE: HATE! - tears_of_fire - 07-08-2015


[Изображение: brd-sht.jpg]

RE: HATE! - beernd - 07-09-2015

Ah pigeons... the shittiest animals in the world!
Freaking shit planes! Nasty flying rats!
I don't even dare to park my car under a tree in the spring here, will cost me every day a carwash with those bastards.

RE: HATE! - tears_of_fire - 07-09-2015

[Изображение: angry-birds-not-as-fun-in-real-life.jpg]


RE: HATE! - beernd - 07-09-2015

My car has been looking almost similar to that one... damn beasts!
Monsters is what they are...

RE: HATE! - abarai - 07-09-2015

Ahhhh those damn pigeons, at my grandma's place, the nighbors had pigeons, and so everytime we would go out to play as we were kids, they would shit on me, oh lucky me

RE: HATE! - tears_of_fire - 07-09-2015

(07-09-2015, 11:32 PM)beernd Писал(а): My car has been looking almost similar to that one...

Laugh1 I hope not even on the inside Laugh1

anyway...... something similar...... but not coming from the sky...... Laugh1

[Изображение: Uomo-che-sta-pestando-una-cacca-di-cane.jpg]

something almost annoying Laugh1

RE: HATE! - Zakkyliar - 07-10-2015

Oh noooo, shit at its shittiest form Rofl Its a total day ruiner lol Rofl

RE: HATE! - beernd - 07-10-2015

This is what friends of mine did with the shit in front of their house.
Those bastards with their shitty dogs... i hate dogs!
They bark, they stink, you have to walk them in the rain from which they stink even more, they loose hair, they drool... and they shit everywhere !

[Изображение: EVS+2011+01+29+30+31+012.jpg]