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Guilty Pleasure - aimmy - 10-02-2015

Im sure many other metalhead like some bands or artist that might be not metal at all and that even might be MAINSTREAM POP
so what is yr guilty pleasure? The artist that you love but woul make you look like a "poser"?

Me it's Taylor Swift, i first start beiing interested in her for her look tbh, she's so pretty, but i like some of her song alot! I also like many indie or folk french artists Smile3

Tell us what is YOUR guilty pleasure and we swear we wont judge you Pleasantry


RE: Guilty Pleasure - tears_of_fire - 10-05-2015

great thread, man Yahoo

here some of my guilty pleasures Grin

[Изображение: 1251749-bee-gees-reunions-617-409.jpg]

[Изображение: Britney-Spears-through-years---one-more-...eo-jpg.jpg]

[Изображение: 2244-Michael-Jackson-Beat-It-Costume-Jacket-large.jpg]

[Изображение: article-2583643-1C6554B900000578-306_306x432.jpg]

RE: Guilty Pleasure - Zakkyliar - 10-06-2015

Haha those are great Rofl I don't really feel "guilty" about things that I like but I have some that people would think its surprising coming from me Rofl

Lol tears how did you add so many vids on your message, It says I cant put more than 2 Rofl

Oh now I think I got it Rofl

Ok gonna end with this Laugh1

RE: Guilty Pleasure - ricknroll - 10-06-2015

[Изображение: 51fM1aMlxOL.jpg]
[Изображение: MI0003246372.jpg?]
[Изображение: Regina-Spektor-What-We-Saw-From-the-Cheap-Seats.jpg]

RE: Guilty Pleasure - IronMaster - 10-06-2015

Mine is Weird Al Yankovic
[Изображение: Weird_Al_Yankovic_profile.jpg]

Link to Eat It video -

How do you put in more than 1 Youtube video??

RE: Guilty Pleasure - tears_of_fire - 10-06-2015

(10-06-2015, 12:16 AM)Zakkyliar Писал(а): Haha those are great...... I don't really feel "guilty" about things that I like......

Yahoo YEAAAH Laugh1 I've never felt and I will never feel guilty about the things I like Yahoo so...... ok...... I've lived in the eighties too...... and these are another couple of my favourite secret (not so much Grin ) guilty (not at all Grin ) pleasures......

[Изображение: new_kids320.jpg]

[Изображение: Belinda-Carlisle-La-Luna-3052.jpg]

(10-06-2015, 08:05 AM)IronMaster Писал(а): How do you put in more than 1 Youtube video??

it's a little trick...... write your post with the first video, ok ?!? then post it, right ?!? well...... click again on REPLY, and in this new post you will put inside the second video, then post again this second post...... automatically the second post will be added to the previous one, not as a separate post, but as a part of the previous one...... this way, with every new post, you'll be able to add as many videos as you want...... try and you'll see Grin

RE: Guilty Pleasure - abarai - 10-07-2015

I don't feel guilty as well about stuff that I like or listen to, and here goes some that are on my mind:

[Изображение: Jean-Michel-Jarre-Oxygene-II---WOC-491616.jpg]

[Изображение: MI0002047039.jpg?]

I listen to a lot of soundtracks, from movies, series video games as well.

The list goes on but there is not much on my mind right now, but I will post them as i remember Grin

RE: Guilty Pleasure - ivanargen - 10-09-2015

Sorry but you'll never know about them!!Blush2

RE: Guilty Pleasure - tears_of_fire - 10-09-2015

(10-09-2015, 07:46 AM)ivanargen Писал(а): Sorry but you'll never know about them!!Blush2

Laugh1 don't be afraid...... here we are all equally guilty Grin c'mon Laugh1

RE: Guilty Pleasure - Nott - 10-10-2015

Some of these are not guilty at all, but anyway it's kinda weird to see this in my files between Darkthrone and Iron Maiden :P
I like Lana del Rey, Marina & the Diamonds, Lady Gaga, Coeur de Pirate, Adele...
I also like Michael Jackson, A-HA, ABBA, (Old) Madonna (80's pop artists, I basically grew up with them)
And some punk rock/pop bands from 2000.

There's a lot there, but I regret nothing haha