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RE: The future of our music... - tears_of_fire - 11-02-2016

(11-02-2016, 02:51 PM)abarai Писал(а): Knowing you, I can predict what this one thing is

Laugh1 Laugh1  this time I was talking about this   [Изображение: gravestone.jpg~c200]

not this  Laugh1 Laugh1   [Изображение: 52dc1cde9013bddbc2c4323878c60bde.jpg]

anyway...... a pair of examples of legends (*) and their more of less predictability......

EUROPE and "the final countdown" - at that time they made a huge boom because of this (awesome) album, and it was pretty easy to forsee that, even nowadays, they are still remembered for that keys intro and, like it or not, they still are a symbol of the 80s  Smile3 just now they are touring the world, after 30 years, to celebrate this album......

METALLICA and the "black album" - at that time, they were a pretty well known and worshipped band, but mostly in the metal circles...... with the "black album", the incredible happened...... I mean, to me is surely a great masterpiece, without any doubt, but after a poker of albums like "kill...", "ride...", "master..." and "justice...", an album in the style like the "black album" was impossible to forsee and, to me, is still difficult to understand how could it have had such worldwide success, even out of the METAL circles...... a band with he word "METAL" in its name  Laugh1  incredible...... maybe just because it was so surprising, as well as good...... someone calls it "mainstream"...... melodic, ok, but still fucking HEAVY...... but maybe they don't know what does "main" mean...... and maybe even "stream"  Laugh1

even now, after 25 / 30 years, we are still here talking about these albums...... well...... what I can't see NOW is something destined to stay as long as these two EUROPE or METALLICA albums...... why ?? because we've already forgotten things from the last 10... 5... fuck... we've already forgotten things from THE LAST PASSED YEAR !!! FUCK !!! and not because it was not good !! because it was not so good or so surprising to be remembered, and after it, a lot of new things have come and forgotten and again and again......

(*) with "legend" I mean (between other things) something known also by my grandma......  Grin

RE: The future of our music... - Gzoroth - 11-17-2016

Some of the best metal bands of the past 10+ years, if you can call them new, (at least in my opinion) are Battlecross, The Black Dahlia Murder, Holy Grail, 3 Inches of Blood (Never forget!), Alterbeast, Lamb of God, Revocation, Exmortus, Allegaeon, God Forbid (I really like their later stuff), Woe of Tyrants, Nekrogoblikon...there are a lot of bands out there releasing kick ass, interesting and awesome albums.

I usually see the old school metal heads (like my Dad) not being open to any sort of evolution, like Serpentine Dominion's debut album has clean singing by Adam D on it and my Dad just instantly denounced it and said it was embarrassing for a metal legend like Corpsegrinder to release a record like that.

There are still bands playing the old style, like all of the NWOTM and NWOTHM bands popping up everywhere, but I think people need to be a bit more open to genre melding and bands trying new things.

RE: The future of our music... - tears_of_fire - 11-18-2016

(11-17-2016, 08:47 AM)Gzoroth Писал(а): ...... I think people need to be a bit more open to genre melding and bands trying new things.

that's the point...... nothing REALLY new under the sun...... everything is already said and done...... ?!?  Cray

RE: The future of our music... - Viejales - 01-21-2017

(11-18-2016, 09:28 PM)tears_of_fire Писал(а):
(11-17-2016, 08:47 AM)Gzoroth Писал(а): ...... I think people need to be a bit more open to genre melding and bands trying new things.

that's the point...... nothing REALLY new under the sun...... everything is already said and done...... ?!?  Cray

You're an old guy, and i think me too. Do you like new tryings? I can't hear metal core in general, nu metal or the now called brutal death metal, or technical death metal. I don't understand them.  For me core is nice for three or four songs. After them sounds me the same. Nu metal is... what the hell have Korn or Limp Bizkit to like someonel? And for me brutal death is Pyrexia's Sermon of the mockery, or Deranged's Rated X. Obscura, the new albums of Gorguts, and all this things to masturbate the guitar with thousands of notes for minute in pieces of ten seconds glued to form a song without a structure are another thing in my opinion, and not of my taste. (Exceptions as Necrophagist or Wormed can be counted with the fingers)
I lived the born of second wave of black metal and take that train cause i liked it. Everybody said me is noise. You're insane. But i was young and liked me. The hate and destruction desire expressed were similar as how i felt. Now i hate my bosses, neighborgs and a big part of humanity. so i heard new and old black metal without problems. Nobody knew what was this things that made Paradise Lost and My dying bride. Today is doom. Ok. I liked doom, and likes me now. Obituary's Cause of death blows my head. So loud and heavy. What is this? Death metal form Florida. Morbid Angel is death too. Give me more please.So the problem will be the people, not the music. We say that all is invented and now the new is make fusions. The same thing was said twenty years ago. Metal will have an evolution, with new labels for these evolutions and is easy that don't like us, but likes to the new generations, the future of metal.
What is missed is a new band to full a stadium. Today music in radio is to use and forget. Nothing elaborated, difficult to understand, with hate for society or humanity. Metal in general is elaborated and difficult  to play. A lot of lyrics of destruction, hate, death. Not for the masses. Not to full a stadium

RE: The future of our music... - tears_of_fire - 01-21-2017

(01-21-2017, 03:16 PM)Viejales Писал(а): . . . . .

some things I agree, some things I don't and some things I've already answered one or two posts above  Smile3

if you ask me "do you like new tryings?" I answer that I LIKE EVERYTHING, because for me all that matters is music, not labels or categories, core, not-core, true, un-true...... bullshits, music is, for me, one way or another, always something good  Smile3

but, anyway, nothing REALLY NEW, nothing really original and nothing really un-heard and (as you've said) nothing REALLY BIG, not so big to fill a stadium and to stay more than a week, a month or a season......  Smile3

RE: The future of our music... - Viejales - 01-23-2017

I don't see the things like you.
The problem to fill the stadium is not a big band with something new. Metal is not the fashion in the world. Rock and metal were fashion at the end of seventy, to begining of ninety. So the called big bands were born in this years. They fill the stadiums cause a lot of people whom aren't in metal now go to the shows because is the music of their childhood or teenage. Today you can put a new band with an incredible new form to play and is not gonna fill. They will not be at radio or tv. How many new musicians can live today playing in a metal band? I meet some musicians playing in pop bands to pay the bills, and in his metal band to do what they like.
No fashion music, no people enough to fill the stadium. Pop and raeggeton (i don't know write it ok) music is the fashion. Is easy to hear, and the singer must be pretty, and nake please. The old glories of pop like Madonna or Michael Jackson has/had some really good songs. The new fashion singers no. Fast music for a fast consum.
But i really think metal will not die cause is the music of rebelliion against society, hypocrisy, religions, security forces and the rules. Goberments want all controlled, labeled and in lines. I hope always there are people against those things. Some of they will make and hear music, and a great part of this music will be metal

Something different in metal?
Djent is rellativament new, as genre.
Annal Nathrakh, less "The Codex Necros" that is black metal, the rest of the discography. The music is like an onion. When i understand a layer, there is a new one behind to investigate. Nerver will fill a stadium.
Hybernoid was a strange engish group from 94 to 96 with deat, doom, electronic an industrial mix in the music. Unknow for a big part of the metal community.

RE: The future of our music... - Viejales - 01-23-2017

I don't care the true or untrue music. I like music, as you. But not all the music. I don't find something good in every song i listen. I don't find something good in any reggeton song i had the misfortune to be tortured by. In metal, for example i don't like core, progressive, or nu metal. I don't understand it and can't connect with. Don't mean is bad music. Just don't like me. Can assure Dream theater's components are great musicians and i don't like their music. Quorthon had less skills, and i love most of his songs. Quorthon makes me feel emotions with his music. Dream theater no. An for me, music = feelings

RE: The future of our music... - Alterego - 04-02-2017

This is something I've been thinking about quite a bit lately.

No, I definitely don't expect to see legends in metal like the ones we had in the last 30-40yrs or so. There will still be a number of good bands out there, but I think it will become increasingly difficult to give them more exposure/find them.

In the last couple of months I've spent a significant amount of time struggling to find something amazing, which was mostly a fruitless task, with some exceptions. Moreover, it's also a lot more difficult to find something that sounds original. It's like they're afraid of doing something new and just keep copy-pasting other artists.

But then, I suppose it's just something temporary, and something that comes with age as well. Our parents/grandparents and so on likely think (or thought) the same way about the legends and artists/bands they had back in their days. I guess only time will truly tell.

RE: The future of our music... - iDead - 05-23-2017

New kids will bring new bands to that stardom and when they get to age of 30 plus they will ask the same question. On the other hand, every genres of music has a down time at some point, its normal and it evolves.

RE: The future of our music... - jtbmetal123 - 12-01-2017

I think future big bands like that will be Slipknot, Five Finger Death Punch, Avenged Sevenfold. Theres also many contenders but I see all of those bands taking the stadium seats in the future.