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The Over broadcasted metal head
acidblood Не на форуме

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У нас с: Feb 2016
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The Over broadcasted metal head
This odd brainless synthetic and overly broadcasted metal fan that appears far too often were im from. The kid that will notice a gorgoroth shirt im wearing and then proceed to play metal on his cellphone speaker. Ha ha i dont know what factory spawned these oddities, but holy fuck they weird me out. The one who listens to metal and brands himself with the title metal head, before an understanding behind the music. 

As its creation to present existance, it will always root itself to the outskirts of the majority. And these clone like beings are just another example to me of the mainstream fan finding a false sense of fitting into a big puzzle.

Metal will always stay alive as long as the people dig to the underground. To were the true roots of metal are alive and thriving.
02-03-2017, 10:29 AM
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Filizion Не на форуме
Junior Member

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У нас с: Dec 2015
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RE: The Over broadcasted metal head
I know that feeling .. But I think we all were metal noobies at some point. 

 At least, speaking for my experience, I look back to my past and I did a lot of shit, waisting time and all taking metal for granted thinking I knew it all..

 A lil back story:  I always wanted to get a degree on Theology, so I went to a pre-seminar to become a chatolic priest so I could access all the proper information that they lock up at the Vatican.  I know, lool crazy.. 
 Long story short, they did not accept me there after a few months, so I went the opposite way.
 I became a anti-christ satanic fucker. Bands like nordic black metal, some death metal bands too like Deicide and such started to make so much sense to me back then. They still do, but in a different perspective from back then (90´s) . I get their point, I just see things different now. 

 Any way, I learned more and better since I started to hang out more with old school metal-heads. I think today is not the same way because back in the 90´s there was much more respect. I believe it will only get worst in the future. :Sad

 But it is ok as long there are some people who trully know the real meaning of metal, and to the others who do not know, we cannot tell them how it is, we just need to point out the proper direction. 
02-05-2017, 03:37 AM
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The Over broadcasted metal head
I like to listen to the music at night before I want to go to sleep,this can make me fall sleep quickly,how about you,guys?
03-23-2017, 11:24 AM


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