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Who is your all time favorite singer from whatever band...
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RE: Who is your all time favorite singer from whatever band...
Nice guys. Some good choices of voices.
Yet for me there are Axl Rose who is actually the greatest asshole ever... His voice was amazing when i saw them live in 1992 in Rotterdam Holland.
There is almost no one that arogant in the world but what a voice. I became a big collector of Guns N Roses over the years. And of course there is Bruce Dickinson. Still going strong with Iron Maiden. That man is a hero in the world of metal. And then yet Serge Tankian SOAD. Great vocalist as well. And Tom Araya... Old and loosing it by now but when i saw rhem the first time he still had it. Amazing how Slayer managed all these years.

(05-31-2015, 01:38 AM)Kitharistas Писал(а):
(05-30-2015, 09:27 PM)beernd Писал(а):
(05-30-2015, 08:44 PM)Kitharistas Писал(а): The Greatest Vocalists In Rock & Metal Music

A list I've made, which contains some of the greatest and my favourite singers in rock and metal music. I hope you'll like it!

There are some really good voices in your list.
Some are predictable and some ain't.
But the one that caught my eye was Amy Lee - Evanescence...
She is beautiful and in her official vids she sings awesome but damn when she sings live... it's freaking horrible most of the time! So bad it makes me wanna Cray Never the less i still love watching her vids. She is a beautiful woman after all. Grin

I think that Amy Lee has done some really good live performances (and some bad too), especially when she sings accompanied by guitar or piano. In addition, I believe that she and the "radio friendly" songs of the album "Fallen" were reasons that attention was given to the female-fronted metal genres, from people that didn't even listen to metal music at the time.

Oh yeah she has some really good shows as well.
Seen one they did in France, don't know what year, but that was really good. She does have a really nice voice but doesn't seem to be able to use it right very often. Never the less i love Amy Lee. She is a great performer in her official vids and she is a very kind lady. And yeah... she did bring metal some more attention i think.
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