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Lepoka new album Beerserkers crowdfunding.

Icon_exclaim  Lepoka new album Beerserkers crowdfunding.
Hey there!
I remind having seen my band's debut album "Folkoholic metal" available for download on this site (cheers for that, the bigger the audience, the better) and now i come to you with a request.
We (Lèpoka) are releasing a new album soon after the end of the year, and are currently running a crowdfunding campaign for that purpose. Your help will be much appreciated if you decide to help us. If not, well, just wait until someone uploads it here!
This is the campaign's link:
Thanks in advance people!
11-20-2015, 07:05 PM

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Lepoka new album Beerserkers crowdfunding. - Автор: farlomo - 11-20-2015, 07:05 PM


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