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Problem going to next page in search results
sorushn Не на форуме

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Icon_redface  Problem going to next page in search results
I'm having trouble browsing search results and going to pages other than page 1 in any part of the site. After clicking on the page#, next page button or selecting page number from the dropdown menu, "#null" is appended to the current address and after showing a loading widget and the requested page in the background for a short time, I get redirected to a blank page containing only a single image:
[Изображение: search.html%23null;0.6262304891112722]
hyperlinked to "liveinternet. ru" website. I've tried Firefox and Chrome on Windows and Ubuntu on different ISPs and VPN servers. Help pls. Thank you.
11-12-2018, 12:05 PM
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