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Canadian users - Donations to Metal-tracker
fluffynuts Не на форуме

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У нас с: Oct 2016
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RE: Canadian users - Donations to Metal-tracker
Plus One Huge One (+1 !!)

Ok, so I don't mind the delay to get a torrent. The ads don't bother me. I would just really like to donate because MetalTracker has provided me with a valuable way to find new metal and really look forward to the week.


But I also really don't want to give my credit card details over to Yet Another Service. So I'd gladly pay with PayPal -- but I totally get the issue with PayPal blocking people they don't agree with. The people I trust my credit card details to don't trust the people I want to support >_<

So how about this for an idea: add an app to the Google Play Store. It doesn't have to do anything. It can just launch a splash screen like "thanks for donating". It can cost $5. I would buy it in a heartbeat. Again, not because I need any of the features that come from being a "pro" member (and even if this method didn't give me those benefits, I'd be ok with that) -- just because MetalTracker has made my life better, allowing me to expand my horizons, allowing me to experience new music, allowing me to preview great music that (one day), I hope to pay for, when I can (ie, when it's available in my country, and at a price which is fair -- some metal albums are charged out at around $100 (converted) here (ZA) because they are imported!)

Please, please, please -- find another way that is safe for members to donate -- because we really want to, but we don't want to get burned )':
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12-02-2016, 08:52 PM
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