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torrent seeding question
sacknastyyy Не на форуме

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У нас с: Apr 2015
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torrent seeding question
have a lot of torrents saved on my computer i would like to seed to help out support of th metal forever is ther anyway to jus add my whole music library folder insted of individualy uploading and labeling of each files?
04-23-2015, 07:15 AM
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RE: torrent seeding question
sorry, but you should create a new torrent file for each goup discography or a single release
05-12-2015, 04:40 PM

RE: torrent seeding question
I have a lot of stuff, too. 19 one, two, and three TB externals full of music, video, digital comics & mags, etc. Never made a torrent in my life, though. Most of what I have, I got from ripping my personal Music collection (CDs, Vinyl, cassettes) and from over twenty years as a "Content Provider" for eMusic, Amazon, NewMusicReleases, iTunes, Marvel, DC, etc. Just joined up here, and my first torrent download is "Helloween - Keeper of the B-Sides". Don't have that one yet for some odd reason. Please seed, if you are so inclined!!! God Knows I have most everything that's METAL! Been lead vocalist with a few bands, too... SLASHER, ISCARIOT, ENDLESS DREAM, FOREVER'S END, MINDCAGE, and currently SEIZURE 69. Working on a new project called "The Lowered", at present. Is it alright to post your own stuff here?
05-12-2015, 11:27 PM


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