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Should I Update/Repackage 2 Lost Torrents?

Should I Update/Repackage 2 Lost Torrents?
There used to be three separate torrents for Preternatural, none of which were complete discographies. Of those, the only torrent still available is Blacky's discography, for which I am the only active seeder.

I have all three torrents archived on my current laptop, with backup folders containing the original filenames (my personal copies have been renamed to a more uniform format). These are the torrents I have:

Preternatural - 2 albums 20072010 - Metal-Tracker.com
Preternatural - Angeloid - Metal-Tracker.com
Preternatural - Discography - Metal-Tracker.com

As mentioned, the last is the only one still showing on the site, although I'm currently all three.

If there is interest (even a little bit), I'll upload a new torrent containing the complete discography to replace Blacky's and the two missing torrents. I may also still have other torrents no longer available on the site, but as my old hard drive suffered major damage, I'm still recovering music files and redownloading torrents I no longer have.
03-16-2016, 12:37 PM
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RE: Should I Update/Repackage 2 Lost Torrents?
Please go ahead and upload all what can be uploaded.
08-21-2016, 03:55 PM
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