Ingrowing - Discography

Ingrowing - Discography
Ingrowing - Discography
Style:Brutal Death Metal
Format:Разный (указан в описании) / Other
Size:899.42 MB
Ingrowing - Discography
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2014-10-15 07:14:15

On internet, Almost files of Ingrowing are transcode. Here is no transcode.

2010 - Fight Pub I+I (Split) (320 Kbps)

<--- Live Tracks are 16khz. Studio Tracks are 20 khz. This is not transcode.

The original feature of the album.

2014-12-30 18:15:45

CD quality is 2-channel signed 16-bit Linear PCM sampled at 44,100 Hz. I guess you are writing about lowpass frequency cutoff. This setting relies on MP3 encoder or its options setup. What is the "The original feature of the album" ? I'm the owner of 3 studio album CDs from Ingrowing (CyberSpace, Suicide Binary Reflections & SunRape).

2014-12-30 21:04:54

I used two spectro program. (4 spectro, Nero wave editor)

When someone test audible range frequency by these programs, The test results are most as follows.

128 kbps - 16.3~16.7 khz.

192 kbps - 17~18 khz.

320 kbps - 20.3~20.5 khz.

Lossless - more than 21khz.

(ex - 320kbps - 16.5 khz <----- upconvert file)

But sometimes, (even the lossless) sound have a lower audible range.

I said it 'features the original recording'.

I am using the Google Translator. Please understand the awkward expression.

2017-05-13 12:57:34

Yes, the lower bitrate the lower lowpass frequency cutoff and therefore lower frequency range. But when you don't own the original CD you never know the real (lossless) frequency range. You also can't judge quality of audio by (your eyes) looking at spectrum analyzer. Many cutoffs are applied in the studio to separate the instruments so the frequencies doesn't interfere in the mix.

These are recommended settings for Lame MP3 encoder (including the lowpass frequency cut-off) =>

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