Tracker rules

General rules

- These rules cannot be subjected to any discussions and must be obeyed by all users without any exceptions. If you disagree with these rules – you can always cease to use this resource, create your own website and do whatever you like.

- Anyone breaking the rules will receive a warning ("ALARM"). As a measure of punishment the admins can lower upload or reputation points. In case of further misbehavior (abuses, insults, trolling, etc.) the user can be banned for a period of time determined by a moderator or get a permanent ban on his/her IP-address.

- When registering, please use only a valid e-mail address (you can always change it in your profile tab). If your e-mail is a fake, the administration has the right to deactivate or remove your account as being suspicious.

- Do not register multiple accounts – such accounts will be removed and the main account will be temporarily deactivated or permanently banned (at the administrator’s will).

- Usernames are not allowed to bear resemblace to nicknames or ranks of the tracker staff (e.g. nicknames like “VIP” will be renamed by admins). Do not use obscene words or expressions that may offend other users in your nicks. All such accounts will be renamed or removed.

- The official language on the tracker is Russian (or English). You may use any other language, but most likely other users will not understand you.

- The use of abusive language is totally unacceptable, including swear words with letters replaced with dots or other characters. Any violation of this kind is followed by an immediate warning ("ALARM") or a ban on a user’s account.

- If you have a problem, read the FAQ carefully. You should contact moderators or administrators only if there is no solution to your problem in the FAQ. The administrators and moderators have the right not to answer stupid questions or questions already answered in the FAQ, and by no means are they obliged to teach you how to create, upload or download torrents!

- If you have a technical problem (tracker errors, some pages fail to load, etc.) you should contact one of the admins or write a post at the forum. Do not forward your problems directly to the Directorate of the tracker – these people are very busy with technical support of the tracker and reserve the right to ignore the users’ questions and requests. If the problem really requires the intervention of Directors, the administrator will contact one of the directors and describe your problem to them.

- If you come across errors or any other inconsistencies they can report them to the staff of the tracker and get a reward (reputation points).

- When addressing the staff of the tracker (moderators, administrators and directors), please follow the rules of decency.


Uploading / downloading rules

- The access to our tracker is not limited. The administration respects users and has no intention to set upload or download limits "by default". We hope that you treat the administration and other users in the same way.

- If you have problems with downloading / uploading files (you cannot connect to the tracker, download speed is very low, the tracker displays your stats incorrectly), read the FAQs - you will find all the necessary information.

- If you have any questions about a particular torrent, please contact the uploader, not the admins, using Private Messages or Comments to the torrent.

- The discussion of problems with a particular torrent in the chat (or at the forum) is not forbidden, but very unwelcome.


Commenting rules

- Keep in mind, all distributions on the tracker by no means are meant to meet your own personal needs: if you do not like a certain release, try to search for something elsewhere.

- It is forbidden to leave comments containing xenophobic, nationalistic, racist statements, obscene or offensive language, as well as any other statements that may provoke violence, conflicts, hatred and violation of the law of the Russian Federation.

- Personal attacks against other users and provocations in any form to break the rules are forbidden.

- Users are forbidden to post repetitive and / or irrelevant information (flooding), spam, overquoting (see as well as inappropriate comments to the subject (offtop). Links to other trackers are forbidden in the comments too.

- Try to avoid pointless comments like "thanks", "+500", smilies and other literal garbage. If you want to express your gratitude to an uploader or rate a torrent you can just click on "THANKS» or "RESPECT» (every click adds reputation points to the author). If you don’t like the release for some reason (incorrect track list, empty tags, corrupted files, etc.) you can click the "DISRESPECT" button which lowers the author’s rank.When using this feature you must explain what is wrong. Ungrounded disrespects will be annulled as soon as the author contacts a moderator, providing a screenshot of the system message.

- Do not abuse the text formatting (colors, bold fonts, underscores) which impairs visual perception. Avoid using Caps Lock too much – comments in all capital letters do not make more sense!



- Allowed file formats include *.gif, *.jpg and *.png, maximum picture size: 100 x 100 pixels and file size is no larger than 150 Kbif you place your avatar at the forum or use a link to a photo-sharing site. Avatars downloaded from your computer will be resized automatically.

- Prohibited content: provocative images that directly promote violence and threats on demographic, ethnic, religious or political grounds, discriminations in any form, pornography, propaganda of drugs, as well as the use of abusive words, commercial advertising, imitations of titles/ranks/avatars of the administrators and moderators of this resource.

- It is forbidden to use avatars that may cause epileptic fits (frequently flashing, changing colors).


Upload moderation

- All material uploaded to our website undergoes the moderation (approval). For a successful moderation of your release you must stay seeding and fill in the description fields according to the rules.If dead uploads are sent for moderation several times they can be deleted as being dead. All improperly described releases may be removed as well.

- There is no need to notify moderators about your uploads - the site interface always keeps us informed about releases to be approved. Usually, all uploads are moderated within 24 hours, depending on the amount of new uploads and the number of free moderators available on the site - moderators are human too and they can't stay online 24/7, so please do not PM the moderators and administrators with requests to moderate your releases, such requests are not allowed at the forum and in the chat either. The moderators and administrators have the right not to respond to such messages, and annoying users can be warned or banned for 1-3 days in case the warning does not help.


Description rules

- Torrent descriptions must be done in Russian, English or their original language.

- It is recommended to specify the distribution schedule in the comments to the torrent (day and time the torrent is available for seeding.

- Duplicate torrents are forbidden (i.e. if there is an exact copy of the torrent on the tracker and it is active). Releases with different encodes, file formats, etc.are not considered as duplicates. In case of a 100% duplicate moderators have the right to delete it immediately.

- In case when regular user and uploader create an absolutely identical torrent, the uploader's torrent will be given higher priority, provided that it was created in no more than 10 minutes after creation of regular user's torrent. Otherwise uploader's torrent would be considered as a duplicate and therefore removed.

- Files with artificially high (software enhanced) Bit Rate (transcode, upconvert) are permitted if the similar not "converted" upload of the same quality or better is not presented on the tracker. In this case Moderators and Administrators (or releaser himself) mark the upload as Upconvert in the title of the torrent. After uploading the original non-converted release of similar or better quality (as well as another upconvert of higher bitrate) the existing upconvert will be removed.

- It is forbidden to delete and recreate the same torrents that failed to pass the moderation. The punishment is determined by the administrators: warning, ban or account removal.

- It is forbidden to create provocative torrents that can cause a negative reaction from the majority of the users of the resource, including any content that directly promotes or supports racism, extremism or discrimination - such torrents will be removed and their authors will be banned.

- It is forbidden to create torrents with any kind of add-ons, carrying no useful information about the release (for example, "free release", "released by ..." and the like).

- It is absolutely prohibited to include any references / links to other trackers in the torrents independently of what files a torrent is made of (you create a torrent file for our resource personally).



- Moderators must attend the tracker with intervals of at least once in 2 days and keep the administration informed in case of their long absence.

- Moderators must monitor the status of the torrents, put them in the right categories, fix incorrectly described torrents, remove duplicates, etc.

- Moderators have the right to encourage and reward users for bug reports, helpful advices and other assistance in the development of the resource.

- Moderators are entitled to issue a warning in case of breaking the rules and block improperly created torrents when it’s impossible to fix them and the author refuses to do so.

- On receiving 3 warnings from Administrators / Directors a moderator is voted for a lay-off. Cancelled warnings do not count provided that Administrators / Directors have nothing to impute to a moderator.

- Moderators may resign any time at their own will.



- Administrators must attend the tracker with intervals of at least once in 3 days and keep the administration informed in case of their long absence. Administrators agree to carry out their duties and help the Directors.

- Administrators are entitled to supervise moderators, consider new appointments and lay off moderators for breaking the regulations and rules of the tracker, lack of participation in the development of the resource, repeated mistakes and neglecting their functions and duties (activity is estimated by the last week’s site log).

- Administrators may help moderators to monitor the status of torrents.

- Administrators are entitled to encourage and reward users for bug reports, helpful advices and other assistance in the development of the resource.

- Administrators (as well as Directors) may correct any user’s stats on discovering the falsification or at the well-grounded request from a user.

- Directors are entitled to vote for a lay-off of an administrator for the lack of participation in the development of the resource and offer a worthy replacement amidst the moderators.

- Administrators may resign any time at their own will.


Important notice!


- Our resource is absolutely free, administrators and moderators work on a voluntary basis making no profits off their work. Therefore, they don't owe you a thing, you can't demand their exclusive attention to your person.