Tobruk - Discography

Tobruk - Discography
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Tobruk - Discography
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Tobruk was an English rock band, Its second incarnation formed in 1981 when vocalist Stuart "Snake" Neale (born 26 April 1963 - died 20 December 2006), guitarist Nigel Evans, and keyboard player Jem Davies from the Bedford-based band, Stranger, joined forces with guitarists Mick Newman, lead Martin Gregory, bassist Steve (Woody) Woodward and drummer Alan Vallance. Prior to this, the band had already had one single released in Ireland. Original members were Newman, Woodward, Vallance (previously Chris Thomas on drums), Nick Petty on guitar and Terry on vocals. Although the band came to the fore during the tail-end of the NWOBHM movement, their sound was more melodic and polished.

Albums / Альбомы:
1985 - Wild On The Run
1987 - Pleasure + Pain
2001 - Recaptured



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