How to download torrent

How to download?

Download the torrent file, then open the torrent client and specify a location to save downloaded files. Respect the other members do not stop file sharing and seeding until it aligns the rating, namely, the ratio of received and given (registration is visually in a torrent client).

Torrent client stopped to download!

Stop the torrent file-sharing client, and then close it. Reset the connection to the tracker in your profile, delete the torrent file from your computer and change the torrent file (again, download the browser) to the tracker. Open this file in your torrent client, do a forced hash check the directory location for additional loading files and run the file-sharing. If this method does not give effect, repeat all the previous points, after dropping the passkey in the profile.

Prohibitions on downloading (Access Denied).

See with what user groups exist on the tracker and with the limits for these groups. Also, check that the torrent client has been specified port over 15,000.

Why do my downloads for a long time remain at 99%?

Do you already downloaded quite a number of fragments, and a torrent client is trying to find users who have pieces that you have not downloaded or downloaded with errors. Therefore, loading can sometimes stay in the moment before the end of only a few percent. Bear with me, and soon the torrent client you hit all the missing pieces. Also, a glitch may occur on some torrent clients.

The torrent is 100MB. How could I download the 120MB?

See the previous paragraph. If your client receives a fragment with errors, it redownload this fragment. Thus, the total downloaded may be larger than the torrent size.

Why is a torrent that was just active, suddenly disappeared?

It may be several reasons: torrent does not fit the Rules and Administration of the tracker has been removed; uploader deleted it himself, as it turned out that it was a bad release (most likely it will be replaced by another); Torrents are automatically deleted after a certain period of time.