Luna Sol - Blood Moon

Luna Sol -  Blood Moon
Style:Stoner | Hard Rock
Country:United Kingdom
Format:192 mp3
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Length / Продолжительность: 00:40:48

Tracks / Треклист:
01. Bridges
02. Death Mountain
03. December
04. Leadville
05. Pretty Rotten
06. Operator
07. Standley Lake
08. Your War
09. In the Shadows


2015-04-20 18:19:17


61  Brazil
2015-04-25 16:51:45

Great band! In fact is an american band from Denver, Colorado, and this record has many well-known guests:{#clapping.gif}

John Garcia (Vista Chino, Hermano, Kyuss) adds vocals on "December", Dandy Brown (Hermano, Orquestra del Desierto) plays bass on "Death Mountain", Nick Oliveri (Vista Chino, Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age) plays bass on "Pretty Rotten", Greg Martin (Kentucky Headhunters) contributes slide guitar on "Death Mountain", Dean Smith (Supafuzz) plays bass on "Bridges", Jason Groves (Supafuzz, Asylum on the Hill) plays bass on "In the Shadows", and Dizzy Reed (Guns n' Roses) delivers a keys performance on the Hammond B3 for "Your War".

Pat Gill - Drums (The Feds, '76 Pinto)
Shanda Kolberg - Guitar, Vocals (The Swanks)
Shannon Fahnestock - Bass, Vocals (The Swindlers)
Dave Angstrom - Guitar, Vocals (Supafuzz, Hermano, Asylum on the Hill, Black Cat Bone)



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