Red Wine - Discography

Red Wine - Discography
Red Wine - Discography
Style:Heavy Power Metal
Additional:Heavy Metal
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Red Wine - Discography
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  Red Wine was a Spanish heavy metal band with influences from power metal, progressive metal and epic metal. It was formed in Logroño (La Rioja) in 1997.

Albums / Альбомы:

2001 - Hijos del Despertar
2002 - El Fin de los Tiempos
2003 - Sueños y Locura
2004 - Cenizas
2006 - The End


Mario Suárez - Singer
Iván Ramírez - Drums
Daniel Martínez - Bass
Jesús Zuazo - Guitar
Dan Díez - Guitar
Ivan Crespo - Keyboards



2015-07-20 01:59:44

I uploaded them with lower quality but I will gladly have the higher kbps versions too.

49  Spain
2015-07-20 08:41:01

So I have come up to 320 Kbps discography, for which you had uploaded was low quality, anyway thanks for upload. A greeting.

\m/ \m/



2015-08-01 02:07:46

I see you are Spanish. Can you supply us with more Spanish power metal bands? I know some of them. And I know there are a lot more...

49  Spain
2015-08-10 21:37:09

I'll look for my country bands in the coming days and will upload the files, give me a little time to search and if you want to tell me that Spanish bands to see if I know his discography.


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