Eternal Sacrifice - Ad Tertivm Librvm Nigrvm

Eternal Sacrifice - Ad Tertivm Librvm Nigrvm
Style:Black Metal
Additional:Epic Metal
Format:320 mp3
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Eternal Sacrifice - Ad Tertivm Librvm Nigrvm
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Length / Продолжительность: 00:57:35

Tracks / Треклист:
01 - Introiro 
02 - The Three Mashu's Seals- The Conquest Of The Ganzir And Arzir Gates (Hazred Area) 
03 - The Vision Of The Light Of The Sculptures In The Monument Of Mashu (The Black Book Of Signs And Evil Spells) 
04 - The Amulet, The Fire And The Seals Of Wisdom In The Course Of A Triple Life 
05 - The Revelations Of The First Sigil, Lucifer, After A Saga Of Delusions And Battles 
06 - When Angel Of Light In Ur, In Invoking The Second Sign Agga 
07 - Nasha, Restitution Of Double The Light (Luce) And Harmony (Fer) - Pagan's Calls 
08 - Interludium 
09 - The Emptiness, The Guard Of The Sortileges And The Time In Which The Dust Takes The Rites 
10 - Prologum


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