Executioner - Bone Collector

Executioner - Bone Collector
Style:Thrash Metal
Format:320 mp3
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Executioner - Bone Collector
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Length / Продолжительность: 00:27:04

Tracks / Треклист:
01. Unleash Hell
02. Black Crown
03. Forever 666
04. Oxycodone Blues
05. Handshakes With Snakes
06. Wish You Were Here
07. Pit Master
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2019-01-05 23:13:28

весёлая обложка . музыка слабенькая . (6 из 10)

2019-02-03 18:55:18

Anyone know the origin of this band? There's like 95 bands named Executioner. Is this their first release? 

Hi there! I know a band with same name from 80-s also from USA with albums 1986 In the name of metal and 1987 Breaking the silence, they are availeble on this torrent.  they have another one 1999 "The Storm After the Calm"

There webpage


Hope this will help.

Happy New Year 2019!!!


Yeah man, I found that band as well. That's why I was looking for more info on this band lol. There's a lot of bands with that name. If this band has any other material out I wanna hear it. I dig this album. I gave it over 20 spins. For me that's an indication of an album I will go back and listen to from time to time. I listen to a lot. I've almost listened to 30 new albums this year with the help of this site of course!

Can't express how much I love this site. And it's actually helping bands as well. I listen to the albums if I like them I support the band and buy a tangiable copy of the album. Hollow Leg - Civilizations, and Turkish Delight have been my two purchases this year so far simply by listening to them off of this site!

2019-06-18 03:19:44


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