West of Hell - Blood of the Infidel

West of Hell - Blood of the Infidel
Style:Heavy Power Metal
Additional:Thrash Metal
Country:New Zealand
Format:320 mp3
Size:108.22 MB
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West of Hell - Blood of the Infidel
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Length / Продолжительность: 00:47:06

Tracks / Треклист:
01. Hammer and Hand 
02. Chrome Eternal 
03. Infidels 
04. The Machine 
05. Dying Tomorrow 
06. The Dark Turn 
07. Mankind Commands 


33  Iran
2019-03-31 15:17:12

I don't comment under my uploads, but this is a sick album! Every headbanger needs to listen to this masterpiece!!!

2019-03-31 15:30:37

West of Hell are from Canada. Not N.Z.  Thanks.

33  Iran
2019-03-31 15:35:02

West of Hell are from Canada. Not N.Z.  Thanks.

They were originally formed in New Zealand, but later moved to Canada:



Cheers! {#drinks.gif}

41  USA
2019-04-03 00:24:55

Didn't even know these guys existed until Invisible Oranges featured them in their "Upcoming Releases" section last week; watched the video for 'Infidels' and I am fucking HOOKED

\m/ >_< \m/

Thanks for the upload man, appreciate it ^_^

2019-04-03 13:27:49


2019-04-12 05:41:57


28  Brazil
2019-04-26 02:12:37


41  Russia
2019-12-28 20:54:56

Country of origin:New Zealand

Location:Auckland, Auckland (early); Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (later)

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