Marko Pukkila with Legends - Kiss My Covers

Marko Pukkila with Legends - Kiss My Covers
Style:Hard Rock
Additional:Heavy Metal
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Marko Pukkila with Legends - Kiss My Covers
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Length / Продолжительность: 01:17:00

Tracks / Треклист:

01. Dream Warriors (feat. Derrick LeFevre, Ryan Roxie & Johnny Dee)
02. Dr Feelgood (feat. Keri Kelli, Erik Turner & Frankie Banali)
03. That Time of Year (feat. Seann Nicols, Ryan Roxie & Troy Patrick Farrell)
04. Black Diamond (feat. Derrick LeFevre, Ryan Roxie & Troy Patrick Farrell)
05. Shot in the Dark (feat. Jay Lewis, J-P Alanen, Sven Wannдs & Jani Hurtsi Hurula)
06. And the Cradle Will Rock (feat. Andy Engberg, Rowan Robertson & Vinny Appice)
07. Nightrain (feat. Phil Lewis, Keri Kelli & Chad Stewart)
08. I Don' T Believe in Love (feat. Patrick van Maurik, Alexis de Compreignac & Jani Hurtsi Hurula)
09. Tears Are Falling (feat. Kore Rozzik, Richard Kendrick & Johnny Dee)
10. Rockґnґroll Children (feat. Jukka Nummi, Alexis de Compreignac, Benn Hexaspectrum & Jani Hurts Hurula)
11. November Rain (feat. Zoli Teglas & Alex Grossi)
12. Wild Child (feat. Johanna Rutto Manninen, Antti Hokkala & Jani Hurtsi Hurula)
13. Finish What Ya Started (feat. Janne Hurme, Costello Hautamдki & Phil Varone)
14. Just Like Paradise (feat. Derrick LeFevre, Rowan Robertson, Ferdy Doernberg & Troy Patrick Farrell)
15. Pour Some Sugar on Me (feat. Lee Thompson, Richard Kendrick & Johnny Dee)
16. Rock and Roll (feat. Lee Thompson, Costello Hautamдki & Troy Patrick Farrell)
17. Late Nights in Voodoo (feat. Chas West, Ira Black & Troy Patrick Farrell)


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Cool thanks for this

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Thank you

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{#agree.gif}thanks brother, a good cover album!!


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thank u

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Thank you

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