A Tribute To Bathory - Voices From Valhalla

A Tribute To Bathory - Voices From Valhalla
Style:Black Metal
Additional:Viking Metal, Thrash Metal
Format:VBR mp3
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A Tribute To Bathory - Voices From Valhalla
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Duration / Продолжительность:02:03:37

Tracks / Треклист:
01.Draconis Infernum- Satan My Master
02.Hellsword- Die In Fire
03.Koldbrann- Bestial Lust
04.Nine Covens- The Return of Darkness and Evil
05.Deception- Rite of Darkness
06.Gnaw Their Tongues- call From the Grave
07.Old Corpse Road- Equimanthorn
08.Ravens Creed- For All Those Who Died
09.Folkvang- Dies Irae
10.Eastern Front- Holocaust
11.Bloodshed Walhalla- The Sword
12.Skyforger- Woodwoman
13.Munruthel- The Laice
14.Nocturnal Mortum- Valhalla
15.Gods Tower- Song To Hall Up High
16.Wolves of Avalon- Through Blood by Thunder
17.Sigh- Under the Runes
18.Meads of Asphodel- Destroyer of Worlds
19.Mael Mordha- Vinterblot
20.Darkest Era- Foreverdark Woods
21.Ancient Ascendant- Flash of the Silverhammer
22.Vrani Volosa- Man of Iron
23.Bathory interwiew(1996)


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