Diesel Machine - Torture Test

Diesel Machine - Torture Test
Style:Modern Metal
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Diesel Machine - Torture Test
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Duration / Продолжительность: 00:45:15

Tracks / Треклист:
01. Torture Test
02. Bones and All
03. Dissection
04. Punishment
05. Borrowed Time
06. Rage
07. Sick
08. Driven by Pain
09. Black Box
10. State of Panic
11. Self-Destruct

Pure power and aggression! This could be a brief description of the DIESEL MACHINE-debut "Torture Test". The US-band goes down the same galley as PANTERA, CROWBAR or DOWNSET, brutal, powerful guitar-riffs, heavy beats and a voice full of anger and hate, the typical trademarks of Hardcore-infested, modern Metal, like it had been hip in the early Nineties.

Who's interested in 45 minutes of one riff will find his paradise in this album. The definitive sound-track for all of you, who find their solace from everyday life in the thrashing of furniture. I didn't get that far - I pressed "stop" soon enough...


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This is pure Groove Metal, and there is no such genre as Modern Metal.

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