Can I use any bittorrent client?

We recommend the following types of customers: - uTorrent (the best) Azureus (Java) KTorrent (Linux) - Do not use ABC, BitSpirit, Opera, bittorrent client alpha or beta versions.

How can I correct the situation with a low rating?

There are several ways: not to stop file-sharing after downloading and distribution, in general, as long as possible to be available for transmission / reception, choose a popular torrent, download them and helping to distribute, download the "gold" torrents and participate in their seeding, upload to the tracker that-its something that would be interesting to others;

Why is my current IP-address is displayed on my profile page?

IP-address is only visible to you personally, since you are the owner of the account, as well as the administration of the tracker. Third-party users can not see this information.

Why in the torrent details in the "Connection" in front of my nickname "No"?

The tracker has determined that your firewall (Firewall), or NAT (Network Address Translation) you use to block the file sharing port, and you can not make the connection. This means that other users can not connect to you and only you to them. To solve this problem, open the ports used for incoming connections (the same as defined in your torrent client) on your firewall and / or configure your NAT-server. (Refer to the documentation for your router or on a forum vendor). Check port access is possible for  http://www.whatsmyip.org/ports/

I've finished or canceled a download / torrent distribution. Why is my profile, it still appears?

Some clients, notably TorrentStorm and Nova Torrent, do not send the message to the server on completion or stop downloads. In that case the tracker will be waiting for messages from your torrent client, and display information about what you are downloading or seeding for a while. Do not pay attention, some time after all torrents disappear from the list of your active torrents.

Why is it sometimes in my profile see torrents I'm not leeching?

When you start a torrent session, the tracker uses a passkey to identify the user. Maybe someone stole / found your passkey. Be sure to change it in your profile if you suddenly discover that. Note that after changing passkeya you have to pump all the active torrents.

Can I login from different computers at the same time (multiple IP)?

Yes, the tracker is now capable of following sessions from different IP-addresses for one user. Torrent is associated with the user at a time when it starts downloading, and just at this moment is the IP relevant. So, if you want to seed / leech from computer A and computer B with the same account, you'll need to login to the site from computer A, start the download, and then do the same with computer B (2 computers are used for illustrative purposes only , there is no limit to the number. Above all, both steps on each computer). You do not need to login again when you close the client.

How do I find the torrent ID?

Every torrent file on the tracker has a reference type http://www.metal-tracker.com/details.php?id=XXXXX, figures and mean the end of ID.

And what does the sign  near the torrent file, and what are the criteria for its publication?

This icon means that torrents 'gold', that is, if you download it / give, you will be considered only Upload. Download the same will not be counted. Assign a "gold" for the torrent can only be an administrator.