How to upload torrent

Video Instruction

Choose a File -> Create New Torrent...

In the "Select source" refers to a video file or folder with an album (albums)

In the trackers field put line

And press the button "Create and save as ..." to create a torrent file.

On the "Add Torrent" page fill the fields:

Torrent file - select the torrent file

Type – music or video

Artist – Title of a band

Name - the name of the album or video (if there are few albums type "Discography")

File formats – file format (if you are missing file format email at support [@]

Style – the main style of music (if you are missing style email at support [@]

Year – the year of publication (put "Unknown" for discography)

Covers – one or two album covers or video screenshots

Description – Put at least tracklist for album or personal opinion about the band.


And click on "Upload"

After uploading torrent to the server you should re-download it to the same directory where the original files are.

File is uploaded and ready for seeding.




How to seed?

To create a torrent, you can use a torrent client or a specialized program (uTorrent). After creation, place the torrent file (using the form) to the tracker. Then you must remove the torrent file from your computer and download your own, already posted on the tracker, the torrent file. The file will be different from the original, because when you create the torrent passkey will generate its own account. The original torrent file will not be able to use because it does not contain any information identifying the account. And finally, check the directory location and start seeding in your torrent client to file-sharing has started, and displayed on the torrent tracker.

How do I distribute the publication to correct errors or inaccuracy in the description of the formation of it?

In the release, with a description and technical data on the distribution there is a link "Edit", available releasers. Click on it to go into edit mode description.

I have exactly the same file as that of the seeders. Can I connect to the seeding?

If you want to help someone with the distribution, and you feel that you have the exact same file (s) as a seed, you will first need to check their size. First go to the page with the torrent file and check what size distribution, in bytes, and then check the size of your file (s). If the sizes match byte for byte, then rename your file (s) in accordance with the original distribution, download the torrent file to upload and specify a location to save the location of your file (s). Torrent client will hash check and will be on the seeding.