Text formatting

Input Panel shows 19 items in sequence and how they work. They are all numbered accordingly: 

This certificate will be shown how to use them correctly.


How to highlight text / deselect the text?


1 - bold text. To make your text bold you need to select it with this: Button is highlighted: 

To deselect, also highlight the text and click on the button   or "clear format" 



2 - italics. Makes italic text.  Turn on / off by pressing the button


How do spoiler?


6 - insert spoiler. Also denotes text or the text, then click the button . Then pop up a window where you need to insert a spoiler title, for example:


How to add / remove the link


7 - add a link. Select a word, a picture, or a link that you copied from your browser, click the button . Next, a window pops up:

In the Address field to insert a link from the address bar. Now you can go through it with one click .

8 - remove the link.

Highlighted the link text and the touch of a button , the address of the link is removed without removing the header


How to insert a picture


9 - Insert picture / image.

To insert the address of the image you want to copy from or photo hosting website. Then press the button . Window pops up:

In the address bar you to link to a picture / photo / image, then insert


How to align text



Select the text you want, you want to align, then press the appropriate button:  - left alignment   - align center   - right alignment


Click the mouse on the image.It should stand out. Next, click on the desired alignment button


Tool "Clear Formatting"


19 -  clean format.  Smart  tool. Knows how to reset bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, color highlighting, text alignment, formats the text size. copy the desired text and press button 






Как выделить текст/ отменить тексте?
Как выделить текст/ отменить тексте?
курсивом. Делает курсивом. Включить / выключить, нажав на кнопку