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Why register?

This is a public tracker with its rules and orders, where only registered users are allowed to participate in file-sharing.

I can not register! What is it?

Use only the Latin letters and numbers (no special characters) in the login and password. Make sure that Cookies are enabled. If the registration form generated an error that you do not qualify for the site, it means that you mentioned are not all the checkboxes on the registration form (the rules of the agreement, "I am over 12 years").

I registered an account but can not get the confirmation E-mail.

Letters, unfortunately, some do not reach. Rather, they reach up to the provider, but often the provider may find it and delete spam email. Check your spam folder. If there is no letter, contact the administrators of the tracker.

I can not log on the tracker!

Check if you have Cookies, and make sure that the cache is not full of add. In the case of overflow the cache, close all Internet Explorer windows and open Internet Options in Control Panel. Click on "Delete« Cookie ». This should help. If you are using another browser, we do everything by analogy.

I forgot my password! Could you please send it to me?

Contact the administration of tracker.

Can you rename my account?

We do not rename accounts.

How do I delete my account?

Contact the administration of tracker. 

How do I attach avatar / picture to my account?

If you open the settings of your account, you can specify a link to your avatar. Maximum avatar size should not exceed 100 x 100 points.