About BitTorrent technology


BitTorrent - a protocol designed for file sharing. In fact, it is the p2p-protocol, where each user connects directly to the other is sending or receiving information. The principal difference from other BitTorrent p2p-systems that have a central server, which coordinates all the existing links between users. Because of this, the network bandwidth is used well. In this case, the more people involved in the life of a particular distribution, the greater the final speed can get each of them.


Torrent - a file identifier that contains information about the requested files, namely, about the size and number of fragments, and checksum the downloaded file (s) of the tracker on which you can get information about the participants of filesharing. Torrent, also sometimes referred to as the very hand of BitTorrent protocol.


Tracker - a central server, which is a Coordinator of the actions of all the existing links between users. The tracker contains all the torrent files, and it ensures their dissemination and communication between them during the file-sharing. Tracker only manages connections, but does not contain the files themselves, participating in an exchange. It only provides customers with the torrent file-sharing information about the participants, ie is the link between them.

Torrent client

Torrent client - a program that allows file sharing possible via BitTorrent.


Download - download files from the participants sharing on your computer.


Upload - Transfer files from your computer to other file-sharing participants.


Peer - a user who participates in file sharing.


Seeder - user participating in file sharing, which has been downloaded and is fully ready to distribute the files that make up the hand.


Leecher - users participating in file sharing, but does not own the full versions of files that make up the hand. He download handed out pieces of the files downloaded at the same time giving to others. Once fully downloaded Leecher components distribution files, it becomes a seeder. The term is often used in the negative sense that it has in other p2p-networks: a user who pays far less than the download.


Uploader - the initiator of the file-sharing, the user who created the torrent on the tracker and becoming, in most cases, the first seeder.


Ratio - the ratio of transmitted information to the downloaded (upload / download). If you want to download the information to others, be sure to participate in its dissemination. Actually, doing this does not need anything - just turn off the torrent client until the ratio of equalized ratio. This will help other users to download from you, they, in turn, help you download from them. Keep in mind, if you'll just have to swing, the administration will prevent the use of the tracker. In what ratio is referred to as rating.


The announcement - it's business address (URL) contained in the torrent file and use a torrent client to communicate with the tracker. You will need it only if you decide to create a torrent. To upload files to a distribution indicate the announcement of the tracker in the box torrent client.


Passkey - a unique key (appended to the URL in the announcement of the torrent file), appointed by the tracker for a user account, which helps the tracker to identify the user in the file-sharing. This user ID (username / password), but not IP-address. It can be changed to another in your profile.


DHT (Distributed Hash Table) - a protocol that allows clients to decentralized file-sharing (no tracker).