How to get a spectral analysis

It takes for example Adobe Audition 3.0

1. Start the programm.

2. Click "File -> Open" and choose the file. 

3. Then click the button Spectral Analysis Display


Spectrum standarts for CBR mp3:

96 kbps - cuts on 15000 Hz

128 kbps - cuts on 16000 Hz

160 kbps - cuts on 16500 - 17000 Hz

192 kbps - cuts on 18000 - 18500 Hz

224 kbps - cuts on 19000 Hz

256 kbps - cuts on 19500 Hz

320 kbps - cuts on 20000 - 20500 Hz


That example cuts on 15000 Hz, therefore, we are dealing with the recording quality 96 kbps. So you can check, is the stated quality true or false.



If you have a 320 kbps file, but after checking with a spectrum analysis program, it shows a value lower than 20000 Hz, it is noted in two ways:

VBR spectrum (files in VBR converted to 320) - a value between 19000Hz and 20000Hz or a variable value of the different songs from the album.

Upconvert (low quality files converted to 320) - value lower than 19000 Hz.


In the event that the exact quality of the files in 320 kbps is not regularly noted, a warning from an administrator/moderator or a ban on creating torrents follows.


Examples of (VBR spectrum) and (Upconvert):

VBR spectrum


An example with a screenshot of a spectrum, in the comments of the torrents!